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LoFi Tapestop - Start Up Transition

In LoFi Tapestop we are not starting an existing tape but the “live” input that comes into the plugin. Therefore we need to be in sync again with the “live” sound when the startup stopped.

As the startup is slow in pitch, it plays longer in time - therefore physically it is impossible to catch up “in sync” again without having a transition on the fade up. The only way to do this would be to have the pitch increase a lot higher than the actual playback (to catch up) and then jump down again to the normal input. This just does not sound right, and therefore we are doing a windowed fade between the startup and the live input that was tweaked to work for the most scenarios possible.

Like this, you get the same effect as starting up a tape machine (that is not time-bound) but it stays fully in sync with your session after having started up.

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