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How can I trigger LoFi Pitch Dropout in sync with my DAW?

While LoFi Pitch Dropout lives through its random nature, modelling the misbehavior and artifacts of old tape devices, we added a yummy twist that allows you to trigger the effect also manually and in sync with your DAW.

To do this, first set the Chance slider to 0%. This will fully disable the random re-triggering of the dropout effects.

Now you can use the Dropout button to manually trigger the dropouts inside your DAW and fully in sync with your session, wherever you want them to be placed. Either record automation in your DAW and just press the Dropout button while recording to write the automation, or select the Dropout control in your automation lanes.

Every time the automation goes to 1 a new dropout will be triggered - this means you can easily either record them in or manually draw them wherever you would like them to happen.

Certain DAWs like Bitwig, Ableton Live or Reaper also allow modulation of plugin parameters via their internal modulator like LFOs. Of course also the Dropout control can be mapped and modulated further there :-)

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