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How can I automate LoFi Tapestop in my DAW?

LoFi Tapestop uses a parameter called "Trigger" which is linked to the Start and Stop buttons. When you use the plugin while recording automation into your DAW, you will automatically see two different automation lines being written. The first one is called "Playback" and defines if the selected button is the Start or the Stop one. The second automation line is "Trigger" which does what it says, it triggers the effect as soon as the automation changes from 0 to 1. Depending on the state of the "Playback" parameter (Start or Stop), it will trigger either of them.

You can also easily manually write automation this way, just select the "Playback" and "Trigger" controls in your DAWs automation list and draw in the automation manually.

The reason we decided to implement this feature in this way, is because it allows you to retrigger just the Stop or the Start button as often as you like. This means, you don't have to restart the device if you just want to trigger multiple stops as a creative effect, to give one example!

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